Current Program

STARTING JUNE 1, 2018 and throughout the month, Words for the New Church will again be sending out a series of daily readings. These readings are from the work Divine Providence and treat of the last of five laws of Divine Providence revealed in this book.

It is a law of the Divine Providence that nothing of the operation of the Divine Providence should be evident to man's perceptions or senses, but that he should, nevertheless, know about it and acknowledge it. (DP 175)

The Lord's DIvine Providence is protecting us, caring for us and leading us, in every least detail, every least second. Yet He does this in such a way that we are not consciously aware of what He is doing. He works with gentleness, and in hidden ways, so as to leave us in freedom.

Though it is a hidden miracle, it is of fundamental importance that we know about and acknowledge the reality of His Providence.  The Lord is real. His presence in our lives is real. His love and His desire to bring us into His heavenly kingdom are real. He is our Savior.